Step 1: Sign Up!

Complete the application. Applications are typically reviewed within 1 business day. We may call you for additional information. Once you're approved as a coordinator, you'll have access to our Facebook group that allows you to meet other coordinators and share ideas for events.


Step 2: Order Free Literature

After you’re approved as a CAN coordinator, you’ll have access to free literature through the CAN store. You must use FARM literature in order to receive CAN credits. Our catalog currently includes:


100 Lives

for pay-per-view events

Have We Been Lied To?

for leafleting and food sampling events

A Side of Devastation

for environmentally-focused events


 *Note: The "Have We Been Lied To?" and "Side of Devastation" brochures are also available in Spanish.


Step 3: Get Active!

There are several fun and effective ways you can get active for animals. For more information on how to get involved, click the pictures below to jump to our action guides.


Pay Per View 

Pay passersby $1 to watch a 4-minute video about  animal agriculture

Food Sampling

Give out samples of     vegan food to show  the public how tasty it can be! 


Pass out leaflets to educate the public on how to make more compassionate choices


School Talks

Teach students about the troubling issues facing animals today

Volunteer with FARM

Volunteer for the 10 Billion Lives tour when it visits your area



Step 4: Tell us about your event and earn credits!

There’s no need to give us advance notice about your event – just get out there and have fun! Once you’re done, we ask that you submit an event report, including at least 3 photos from the event. We’ll review the report and award credits at the following rates:



 *In addition to this value, you will receive 25 credits per pledge collected.

You must follow the steps in the Action Guides in order to receive credits for your event. After your first order, you must submit an event report before we can send you more literature. 


Step 5: Redeem your credits for prizes!

Prizes range from FARM merchandise, gift certificates to fabulous vegan businesses, and even cash! The more credits you earn, the greater your prize options. Get started today!