For the Summer of Saving Animals, share the message of compassion by organizing a vegan potluck! Show your friends and family that traditional summer recipes can include healthy and delicious meat, dairy, and egg alternatives. This is also a great opportunity to bring an omnivore friend along and introduce them to the world of delicious vegan food!

Organize your own vegan potluck by following these steps: 

Step 1: Pick a Date and Place

Plan a potluck outside with friends and family on a sunny summer day! Pick a date where the most people can attend and try to check the weather in advance.

Pick a place: Backyards and parks are great spots to host a potluck. Some parks require a reservation, so be sure to check with your local Parks Department and reserve your space well in advance.


Step 2: Share Your Event

Spread the word about your potluck as soon as possible. Create a Facebook event to share with friends and make flyers to distribute to local veg-friendly businesses. Be sure to invite omnivore friends too!



Step 3: Order Literature

Literature is a great way to get your attendees thinking about their food choices. Since some people will be new to vegan neating, this is an easy opportunity to provide them with educational materials. 

Once you are approved as a CAN coordinator, you can order literature for free. You must use one of FARM's brochures brochures at your event in order to receive CAN credits. Please allow at least a week for literature to arrive.


Step 4: Choose Some Recipes

Pick one for yourself, but also come up with a few others in case other people are short on ideas. For many people, this will be their first time exploring vegan eating, so keep it simple! Try to use familiar ingredients, and remember to bring enough for everyone to try!


Step 5: Enjoy the Potluck!

Be early to the event to set up and greet people as they arrive. Encourage others to introduce themselves and help foster conversation. Make sure to take lots of photos and video for extra CAN credits! After your event, submit a report to CAN and earn 2,500 credits and an extra 1,000 credits for submitting video footage of your event!