On the 10 Billion Lives Tour, our dedicated staff and volunteers offer passersby $1 to watch our 10 Billion Lives video, an outreach method known as "pay-per-view" (PPV). After watching, viewers are encouraged to decrease consumption of animals and work towards a vegan diet.

Volunteering with a 10 Billion Lives Tour event is a great way to educate others about the treatment of animals on farms while empowering them to take action! You can get involved with our 10 Billion Lives campaign by volunteering with our tour staff when in your area or by organizing your own event. If you're interested in holding your own pay-per-view event, follow our guide.

To find an event near you and to get started, follow these steps:


Step 1: Watch for Volunteer Opportunities

Between our national truck and Southwest tours, we cover a lot of ground. Whenever the 10 Billion Lives tour requires volunteers, we will send a localized email to CAN activists. In order to receive the emails, make sure you're signed up for CAN, and respond to the email if you're interested.


Step 2: Learn "What to Expect"

Our support staff will send you our “What To Expect At An Event” manual. Inside, you’ll find important information and tips on how to be as effective as possible at one of our events. Familiarizing yourself with this material both saves you and our staff time, giving you more opportunities to attract viewers and engage in life-changing conversations.

There are a number of ways to participate, whether you are inviting passing people to watch, setting up viewers on screens, holding a sign, talking with viewers after they’ve watched or all of the above. Our valued volunteers help us increase our impact!


 Step 3: Volunteer!

Attend a local 10 Billion Lives event! Our support staff will send you details on the location of our event and how to get in touch with our tour staff, just in case you need further assistance finding us.

For more information on volunteering on tour, click here.


Step 4: Upload your "Proof of Volunteering" for CAN Credit

In order to cash in on all our CAN credit perks, you must request a "Proof of Volunteering" card from tour staff and scan or photograph it to upload with your CAN event report.

For each hour you spend changing hearts and minds, you can receive 400 CAN credits to use for prizes in the CAN store!