Food Sampling shows the public that meat, dairy, and egg alternatives can be delicious and fun. Serving up veganized dishes is an effective way of showing that choosing animal-free meals is not about giving up the foods we grew up on and love, but simply redefining the ingredients.

To host your own food-sampling event, follow these steps: 


Step 1: Apply for funding

Visit to familiarize yourself with VegFund’s website and guidelines before applying for funding of your event. In order to apply to VegFund, the applicant must be 18 or older, vegan, and planning to use funds strictly for vegan outreach. Applicants applying within the US must do so two weeks prior to the event.


Step 2: Create a Food-Sampling Menu

Keep it simple. Choose no more than three menu items in order to focus on the quality of the product as opposed to quantity. Pizzas, alternative meats, cheese and dairy, ice cream and other desserts are great choices to show potential vegans how diverse a plant-based diet can be. We recommend purchasing products from companies such as Tofurky, Gardein, and So Delicious.


Step 3: Order Literature

Literature is required at all food-sampling events in order to receive VegFund funding and CAN credits. After tasting delicious food, literature arms participants with the truth behind their daily food choices, inspiring them to take conscious steps towards a vegan diet.

Once you are approved as a CAN coordinator, you can order the "Have We Been Lied To?" brochures from the store. You must use one of these brochures at your event in order to receive CAN credits. They are offered free of charge, but we ask that your first order be smaller -- 500 or fewer brochures.

We'll happily send larger quantities for future requests!


Step 4: Choose a Location

We award CAN credits for events held in or near:

  • High school campuses
  • College campuses
  • Grocery stores

Make sure to request permission from your chosen location before setting up your event. If they require liability insurance, contact us to receive coverage under FARM's policy.


Step 5: Sample Some Tasty Vegan Food!

Food Sampling works best with a group, so try to recruit some friends to help! Once you've prepared your samples, it's simply a matter of setting up and passing them out.

Bring clipboards, pens, and pledge forms -- you'll receive bonus CAN credits for every person to take the pledge during your event! Use this form for the pledges.

Make sure to track how many samples you distribute, as we'll award CAN credits based on the number of samples distributed. 

In order to receive CAN credits, you must submit a minimum of three photos, at least one of which displays your food samples and “Have We Been Lied To?” literature.


Step 6: Submit your Event Report 

If you applied for support from VegFund, return back to your VegFund application, review your event and submit in order to receive reimbursement. VegFund also requires a minimum of three photos in order to reimburse funds. Reimbursements are made within 30 days of submission with proof of receipt.

To receive CAN credits, you'll need to attach 3 photos of your event to your event report. Type up the pledge information you collected during your event into a CSV file (see this guide) and upload it along with your event report as well. We'll review the information and award you CAN credits that you can use to earn great prizes like gift cards to vegan businesses, supplies to support your activism, and cash!