Leafleting is an easy and effective way to inform people of how their daily choices affect the lives of animals. This simple tactic of outreach can educate and empower individuals to align their values with their practices by choosing compassionate food options.

Follow these simple steps to get started:  

Step 1: Order Literature

Once you are registered as a CAN coordinator, you can order free "Have We Been Lied To?" brochures from the store. All leaflets are free, however we ask that you start out with a smaller quantity (in increments of 500) for your first order, but we'll happily send larger quantities for future requests. You must use FARM literature in order to receive CAN credits.


Step 2: Choose a Location

To use your time most effectively, choose a location with heavy foot traffic. College campus quads where students pass between class periods, high schools when class lets out for the day, outside concerts either before or after shows, environmental festivals and cultural parades are all ideal places to reach socially conscious audiences.

Locations that attract younger crowds will also increase your impact as younger people are generally more open-minded and often beginning to make their own food choices and formulate their opinions, attitudes and values. Subways and bus stop terminals during rush hour are great places to reach many in a short period of time as well.


Step 3: Hand Out the Leaflets

 Regardless of whether it’s your first or hundredth time leafleting, we can all take strides in improving our strategy. Be confident, extend a leaflet in front of you to each person that passes. Don't hesitate to approach people sitting nearby if foot traffic is low. If it’s your first time and you’re nervous, team up with a friend or local animal rights group to feel better supported.

The more you leaflet, the more comfortable and confident you will become. Click here for tips to help you along your way.



 Step 4: Take Pictures and Submit Your Event Report

Make sure to keep an accurate count of how many brochures you passed out at your event. In order to receive CAN credit, you must submit a minimum of three photos, one of which shows you leafleting, with your CAN event report. We suggest bringing a cheap camera or asking a trustworthy person to take your picture with your phone. 

 Every leaflet you pass out earns you credits that you can exchange for gift cards to vegan businesses, supplies to enhance your activism, or cash!